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We provide
e-commerce, fulfillment and production services for the music industry.

We make apparel & merch, both in bulk and on-demand. We manufacture vinyl records, compact discs and audio cassettes for the independent music market. On top of that, we provide all the e-commerce and fulfillment services to sell and ship your goods. Directly to your fans. Worldwide.

Fully managed direct-2-fan service with teams, offices and warehouses in Europe and North America.

We run and maintain our own e-commerce platform, where artists and labels sell merch directly to their fans.

With no setup nor recurring fees, it allows them to create a steady revenue stream from purchases pouring in from worldwide locations.

Encrypted with safe SLL certificates, we accept all major credit & debit cards, PayPal and online banking payments.

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With our warehouse & fulfillment centers located in the European Union and the United States, we are able to fulfill orders fast and cost-efficiently.

We fulfill orders that come in not only from our managed e-commerce platform, but also from third-party storefronts.

Our fulillment system is also automatically integrated with Bandcamp – by far the most popular shared marketplace among indie artists & labels.

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We run our screen printing and DTG presses on various apparel and merch items, available in hundreds of types, sizes and garment colors.

From most popular and budget brands to fully organic / fair-trade cotton, we can take care of a bulk order of any size, designed either for your online store or live shows.

Our in-house DTG infrastructure allows you to launch the sales of any type of apparel item (be it T-Shirt, tank top, long sleeve, hoodie, zipper or others) with no upfront costsand from 1 unit only. We take care of the whole process – when an order comes in, we print and fulfill it directly to your fan.

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We take pride in being a supplier of all three physical formats: vinyl records, compact discs and audio cassettes.

Each format is customizable not only in terms of size and color, but also the packaging itself can take any form you like. You can choose from 200+ templates we already have or create something totally custom from scratch.

Apart from fairly standard packaging types, we also manufacture deluxe items, like rigid boxsets, hard-cover digibooks and case-bound sleeves.

All physical media packages can be sold through the stores we run or supplied to you in bulk for your own use and sales.

Since we run a fully-managed direct-2-fan service – from concept, creation, manufacturing, sales, fulfillment and customer service – we have an in-house body overlooking all activities on your behalf.

It’s not just pressing & printing. It’s not just selling your T-Shirts on the Internet. It’s not just shipping your records out in the World. It’s all of that and everything in between. It’s a full end-to-end service.

There is no better time to be independent.
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