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We use cookies on our websites to improve their performance. Below, you will find an explanation of how we do that

Our cookies, contrary to those in the real-life, are text files placed on your computer or mobile device during your first visit on Thanks to this file, the next time you visit our website it will be easier for you to navigate and use our services

Cookies help us remember your login and preferences, they also give us a clue how our services are working for you. If you click "remember me" option while logging in, the file will save your username but in general cookies serve the purpose of analysing the traffic - where you come from to our website and how you navigate

We can divide our cookies into three types:

Analytics cookies
These inform us on how our visitors navigate through our websites and how our websites react to their choices. Mainly, they deal with the performance issues and errors that may appear but they also give us a clue what pages are most popular and how the links interact
Preference cookies
Preference cookies to allow us to remember your preferences, like your user name or what language version of the website you use most often
Shopping cookies
These help us remember what products you added to your shopping cart while visiting shops on the website. You can leave the products in your shopping cart and when you return to finish purchasing products your cart will remain intact

Since does not serve as an advertising website for third parties, the only company using the information provided by cookies is We do not let other companies have insight into our user preferences

If you do wish to disable cookies then please change the cookie settings in your web browser but be aware that it may cause some sections of our website to not work properly or do not work at all