8Merch is a company focusing solely on the independent music market.

We offer products and solutions for bands and labels worldwide.

Our headquarters are located in Krakow, Poland and we serve hundreds of labels and bands, the majority of them are from Europe and America. However, we have clients on all continents and we ship our products worldwide.


We are a one-stop shop for the manufacturing of analogue and digital media as well as merchandise items and all services associated with them.

With the in-house graphic studio, our team meticulously prepares your files for pressing and printing, checks the compliance with templates and guidelines and produces previews for approval. The whole process is designed to assure the highest possible quality of the final product.

Manufacturing process is managed with the equally perfectionist attitude, paying attention to the quality as the utmost goal. Both analogue and digital formats are taken care by dedicated teams of industry professionals, backed with years of experience in the field and supported by the most advanced technology.

Finished products are carefully packed in safe heavy cardboard with additional layers of protective elements and shipped as packages or palettes. Our logistics department, in co-operation with delivery companies, takes care of all types of shipments, including economic (road) and express (air). We ship to single or multiple locations, directly from our warehouse, so you can have your goods delivered to distributors, music venues, bands or any other destination you select.


8Merch is very often also hired as a creative design agency and project management team. In reality it means, that even if you do not order physical goods in our company, you can buy our services for creating your album artwork, mastering your tracks, managing even the most challenging manufacturing process or running a special pre-order campaign for the up-coming release.

We have our own team of professionals who work with pressing and printing on a daily basis, so they can consult virtually every project. We have already worked on countless products, so we know what is possible in print and what would come out as a bad idea in the end. We listen to your needs and we make suggestions. We prepare mockups and test new ideas before running the whole lot.

Having the technical resources within the company, we obviously co-operate with a number of visual artists and graphic designers, who are hired to create artworks for our clients. Depending on the genre, theme and product, but also technique used for the artwork creation, we propose a selected artist for the job and show the samples of his work. No need for you to engage with any third party companies – we take care of it all, so you can focus on things that really matter to you.


We know the market and the reality of indie bands and labels. We are aware of the economic side of this business and all the processes behind it. That is why our job does not need to be finished when your product is manufactured and shipped.

All the day-to-day operations associated with fulfillment of orders can be outsourced to us. We can stock your products of any size and quantity in our warehouses and ship them as single orders to your end-customers or in bulk to your distributors. Simple, yet super efficient way of managing “physical” side of your business. It can significantly reduce your running costs and give you a precious gift of time.

Warehousing and shipping can be also enriched with the whole order management service. It means that in addition to keeping your stock and fulfilling orders, we can take care of the running of your webstore, using our own e-commerce platform for this purpose or a third party software of your choice. We add products, images, descriptions and prices. We take care of the whole paper work, like invoicing and payments. We also provide full customer services to your fans.