§ 1.

Terms and regulations

  1. 8Merch.com is a web-based service dedicated for artists and offering promotional and sales tools. Registered Users can post and/or publish their works of art with the aim of selling or promoting them. Users may do so only according to the following Terms and Regulations published at http://8merch.com/regulations.
  2. 8Merch.com reserves the right to alter, change and redesign the following Terms and Regulations.
  3. The sole owner and administrator of 8Merch.com is 8Merch Sp. z o.o. located at ul. Powstańców 50 in Kraków, Poland. KRS: 0000404155, NIP: 677-23-65-762, REGON: 122461979.
  4. The sole condition for the User to register and use 8Merch.com is to accept Terms and Regulations. He/she may be asked to provide some contact information and state that given information is true.
  5. By registering an Account User is granted a unique login to use at http://8Merch.com.
  6. Information provided by the User during the registration process is used only for the purpose of running 8Merch.com and selling it's services. Said information is administrated only by 8Merch.com and not by third parties. User has the right to analyse, alter and/or delete provided information.
  7. By accepting Terms and Regulations User understands that he may receive e-mail messages from 8Merch.com, also advertising ones.
  8. By accepting Terms and Regulations User agrees to take responsibility (both financial and under law) of his actions when visiting and using 8Merch.com and it's services.
  9. 8Merch.com uses cookies in order to run it's services properly. More information regarding cookie files is available in our Cookie Policy.
  10. Following Terms and Regulations as well as any changes and additions published at this address take effect at any time User visits 8Merch.com and remains registered to any of it's services.
  11. 8Merch.com may cancel registration by blocking or deleting User's Account at any time and under any circumstances, also without any explanations and/or information sent to the User. By doing so 8Merch.com is free of any responsibility - be it financial or legal.
  12. 8Merch.com is entitled to reject or delete any information and content provided and published by the User at any time and without any explanations and/or information sent to the User. By doing so 8Merch.com is free of any responsibility - be it financial or legal.

§ 2.

The User

  1. By User we define a physical person visiting 8Merch.com that is entitled to any legal action and is able to represent other parties under the law.
  2. By registering and creating an Account User enters into an agreement with 8Merch.com. The agreement is based on Terms and Regulations regarding 8Merch.com and it's services.
  3. User may exit the agreement at any time, without any explanations, by contacting 8Merch.com by e-mail or contact form available at http://8merch.com. Exiting the agreement is not possible when User is obliged to send paid and ordered items via his/her webshop and is obliged to pay for purchased services.
  4. User declares that all information published on his/her website/webshop/Account is true. In case of possible false information 8Merch.com is entitled to block and/or delete User Account.
  5. User may log in and use his/her Account on by him/herself. Account password should be known only to the User.

§ 3.

8Merch.com Account

  1. 8Merch.com Account, named Account, is activated for an undefined time, contrary to paid services available at http://8merch.com.
  2. Each and every paid service available at 8Merch.com purchased by the User comes with a electronic invoice generated by the system or 8Merch.com. Information regarding the service being active or inactive is sent by e-mail.
  3. User is entitled to use his/her Account only according to the following Terms and Regulations and applicable laws. User understands that he/she is not allowed to publish, post and distribute content that may hurt, insult or do injustice to third parties and other Users.
  4. 8Merch.com does not take any responsibility for:
    • any content and information publlished by Users
    • technical and other difficulties that may result when using the website and it's services
    • results of User's actions
    • possible loss of content and other information published by Users
    • possible loss of login information and other people gaining control over the Account
    • possible losses that may result from the actions described in this paragraph
  5. 8Merch.com is entitled to:
    • making 8Merch.com and it's services unavailable at any time without any explanation
    • changing, altering and deleting the website and it's services
    • ceasing to provide 8Merch.com services
  6. User accepts the possibility of technical faults of any nature that may result in 8Merch.com and any of it's services not working properly. In case of such faults User is not entitled to any form of compensation.
  7. 8Merch.com will fix and repair such faults as soon as it is possible.

§ 4.


  1. User owns all rights to the content and information published and posted on 8Merch.com and it's services.
  2. When publishing content and information that is connected to intellectual property rights (text, photos, music, videos and such) User grants 8Merch.com a free of charge permission to a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, worldwide license to use any content and information posted and published on 8Merch.com.
  3. By deleting the content and information User declines the license described above.
  4. By registering at 8Merch.com and accepting the following Terms and Regulations User declares that:
    • he/she has all the rights necessary to publish and post content and information on 8Merch.com and it's services
    • all content and information published and posted by him/her on 8Merch.com and it's services is free of any claims of legal nature
    • he/she takes full financial and legal responsibility in case of possible third parties' claims are introduced
  5. 8Merch.com is entitled to rejecting, altering and deleting any content and information posted and published on 8Merch.com and it's services, especially the ones that are against Terms and Regulations and existing laws. 8Merch.com is not responsible of monitoring the website and it's services for search of such content and information.
  6. User is not allowed to post, publish, send or distribute any content and information that may violate intellectual property rights and other rights protected by applicable laws.

§ 5.

Shop and Sales

  1. After the purchase process is finalised and the Customer receives a confirmation e-mail from 8Merch.com, a deal is being made between the User and the Customer. Messages sent from @8merch.com domain are only for information purpose.
  2. The payment for purchased goods should reach the User within 10 days. The User should send the goods up to 5 days from receiving the payment.
  3. The goods have to match their description on User's website/webshop or on any of 8Merch.com's services.

§ 6.

8Merch.com and Sales

  1. 8Merch.com does not take part in the sales process on any side. The deal is being made between the User and the Customer.
  2. 8Merch.com is not responsible for Users' and Customers' actions as well as the safety or legal status of goods sold by the Users.
  3. 8Merch.com does not take responsibility in case the deal is not finalized in either way or the goods don't match their description on User's website/webshop or any other service.
  4. User with a blocked account is not allowed sell goods using 8Merch.com or it's services.

§ 7.

Claims and Complaints

  1. The Customer may file a complaint if the goods sold by the User are damaged or don't match their description published by the User.
  2. The complaint should be send by e-mail or contact form. The message should include the Customers contact data and a detailed description of the problem.
  3. The User is obliged to investigate and answer the complaint in 14 days from receiving the message.
  4. 8Merch.com is not responsible for answering the complaint and/or repairing the damages – this responsibility lies solely on the User.

§ 8.


  1. User acknowledges that 8Merch.com may introduce fees for each and every service offered through it's website. Such action will be communicated by e-mail and on website.
  2. If User's account is either blocked or deleted because of violating Terms and Regulations User is deprived of any damages and compensations.

§ 9.

End agreements

  1. Rules and Regulations deal solely with 8Merch.com and it's services.
  2. User is obliged to accept and follow the instructions described in Rules and Regulations when visiting 8Merch.com and using it's services.
  3. All questions regarding 8Merch.com and it's services should be sent via e-mail or contact form available on the website.